Stopping a Bunion in its Tracks

#WyomissingPA “Bunion” is a dreaded word for many people when they go to a podiatrist.
Hi, this is Doctor Jess Drezner. I’m a podiatrist in Wyomissing, where a number of residents deal with problems with their feet, including bunions.
A bunion is characterized by the bending of the big toe, followed by a protruding of the base joint. Individuals who develop bunions should visit a podiatrist at the first sign of the condition, as at this stage it is the most treatable. For some patients, simply switching out their footwear to shoes with a wider toebox can stop the issue in its tracks if it is caught early.
If you think you have a bunion, don’t live in fear. Come to my office in Wyomissing and let’s deal with the condition head-on!
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Having a Neurectomy

#WyomissingPA Many people have heard of a hysterectomy or an appendectomy, but few have heard of a neurectomy. What is it? I’ll tell you.
I’m Doctor Jess Drezner and I’m a podiatrist here in the Wyomissing area.
The procedure known as a neurectomy is most commonly associated with those that suffer from a condition known as Morton’s neuroma. The disorder affects the nerves in the foot, especially those between the third and fourth toe. When other treatments fail, a neurectomy may be the only resolution. It involves the removal of the enjoined nerves that are causing the problem.
Neurectomies are last resorts at my office here in Wyomissing. If you deal with Morton’s neuroma, let me help you stop the condition before it progresses any further.
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What is Neuropathy?

#WyomissingPA Neuropathy is an interesting foot ailment, since many can suffer from it and not even know it.
I’m Doctor JessDrezner and today’s blog is about the condition called neuropathy, which I tackle as a podiatrist here in Wyomissing.
The word “neuro” stands for the body’s nervous system. Your nervous system is what gives you the ability to feel and discern the difference between hot and cold, smooth and sharp. If the nerves become damaged in any way, the body — in this case, the foot — becomes numb. However, nerve damage can also result in shooting pains and muscle weakness that can be quite miserable.
If you think that you might have neuropathy, I invite you to visit me, Doctor Drezner, at my office here in Wyomissing.
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