Got Surgical Tape?

Blisters are the bane of every runner, but a new study suggests that surgical tape may solve the problem.

“It’s kind of a ridiculously cheap, easy method of blister prevention,” said study author Dr. Grant Lipman. The tape is easy to find and a roll that costs about 69 cents should last a couple of years, he added.

As well as preventing blisters, the low-cost paper tape is only slightly sticky so it won’t tear blisters if they do occur, said Lipman, a clinical associate professor of emergency medicine at Stanford University in California.

Military Rules

To enlist in the Army, you have to have all ten of your toes intact- their rules state that they will reject anyone for “current absence of a foot or any portion thereof.”

Do the bottom of your feet itch?

Itching on the bottom of the feet has a variety of possible causes. Walking barefoot and wearing sweaty shoes make the feet susceptible to some disorders that cause itching. Other causes, such as diabetes and athletes’ foot may also cause itching on the bottom of the feet. Dr. Drezner can evaluate your itchy feet to determine the cause and appropriate treatment. Call him at 610-678-2776